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Fellow Makers

Fellow Makers Unite!

We are gathering up fellow makers to make a supportive community that can work together to take action on the things that matter to us. This space is not-for-profit & all for us.

Why Fellow Makers?

This space began in response to changes in values at Etsy and within the handmade community. In over a decade of working to organize the maker movement and connecting with creative people, makers around the world have asked again and again for these things:

  • Fellowship + community
  • Mentorship + peer support 

  • Companionship + care 

Companies, governments, and fellow makers have found ways to turn our basic needs into products but you can't buy meaningful friendship, connection, or community. Care can be freely and openly shared with each other. We have everything needed to make a movement together. 

Want to get started?

If the idea of a fellowship of makers is one you want to be part of join us and get comfortable - we need you! Help make this community by starting conversations, sharing stories, learning about others, checking in, and organizing meet ups. This is your space now too - what will you make? 

Our Basic Guidelines

We need everyone’s help to keep the Fellow Makers community as safe as possible. This means a few basic guidelines:

Be A Good Neighbour. If Mr. Rogers had an online neighbourhood what would it be like? Let's be good neighbours - treat each other with respect, care, and patience, be welcoming, willing to be a helper, make this a place where people want to gather and share. 

Share Stories and Experiences, Not Advice. Nothing builds a beautiful conversation faster than sharing your stories and experiences, and nothing shuts one down faster than just posting advice. If you’ve written the words, “you should…” hold up. On the other hand, if you find yourself writing, “In my experience…” keep going!

Don't use words that hurt. Life is hard enough, make it a little easier on each other by using kind words and being willing to listen before responding. We often use words like weapons on the internet, this is not the place for that. If it wouldn't be acceptable to say in person, to a child, or an elder don't post it. 

Let’s Do This!

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